On The Line: Tactical Nutrition

Firefighters can expend upwards of 6200 calories per day during rigorous operations. Therefore, what they eat, when they eat, and how much they eat become extremely important factors that must be taken in to consideration by not only the firefighters themselves but also fire managers. Dr. Brent Ruby, director of the Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism and professor in UM’s Health and Human Performance Department, joins the podcast to discuss this critically important topic. 

How Stress Affects Your Brain

Firefighter Neil Fabian rests near the smoke filled Highway 180 in Luna, New Mexico, June 10, 2011, as the Wallow Wildfire continues to burn. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY)

While some stress can be important, chronic stress can affect brain size, structure, and how it functions. 

On The Line – Wood Smoke

In this episode of “On the Line”, University of Montana exercise physiologist Dr. Chuck Dumke is joined by wood smoke researcher Dr. Tony Ward from the University of Montana’s School of Public and Community Health Sciences to discuss some of the science behind wood smoke, its health risks, and strategies to better manage exposures, both for firefighters and members of the general public.

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

The Olympics are not only an amazing display of the world’s top athletes, but also an incredible display of dedication, determination, and willpower! Watch Kerri Strug’s amazing Gold Metal, one-legged, vault landing from the 1996 Olympics and get motivated!

Meditation 101 for Tactical Athletes

Capt. Dan Digati, commander, Troop B, 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, "Strykehorse," 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division takes breathing advice from Ram Dhani Bajpai, yoga instructor, during a yoga session at Camp Bundela in Babina, India, Oct. 11. The instruction is part of a cultural exchange between the Indian Army and the U.S. Army. The Soldiers are in India in support of Exercise Yudh Abhyas 09. YA09, which is scheduled for Oct. 12-27, is a bilateral exercise involving the Armies of India and the United States. The primary goal of the exercise is to develop and expand upon the relationship between the Indian and U.S.

Mental wellness is key for firefighter health, safety and performance. Learn the basics of meditation and give it a try today!

Big strong men do yoga? Yup!

Practicing yoga will not only aid in relaxation, but it will also improve strength, flexibility, and much more! Check out the guys over at Red Bull getting their yoga on!

On The Line – Recovery

In this episode of On the Line, University of Montana biomechanist Matt Bundle and clinical psychology doctoral student Patty O’Brien join the podcast to discuss the concept of recovery and how it relates to wildland firefighters. Some of the science behind recovery is examined, and the roles of rest, sleep, and nutrition are also reviewed.